About Votebox

Votebox’s mission is to facilitate the way organizations manage their governance. We use the latest innovations in Internet Voting technology to build a software that gives organization a complete control over their voting events and provides their voters with an awesome experience.

We've started building consumer survey apps and progressively evolved towards secure voting applications. Votebox's early prototype was use to decrypt more than 6 million electronic ballots.

We are now building a self-service and modular version of Votebox to unleash the potential that we see. We need you to join us to scale up our team and build a great company with a product that will be used by thousands in the coming months.


Votebox is a fast growing startup backed by smart angels. Joining our team is a great opportunity to work in one of the most challenging technology environment: voting. You will be part of a strong family that intends to shape the future of SaaS products.


Current openings

No open jobs at this moment